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Radio Commentaries

A lot has been said about the way the pandemic has changed our lives. And much of it’s true. But for me, some things that haven’t changed.

Texas Standard | A Pandemic Workout With The Weight Of Texas History


You call them birds and I call them vermin. This is about the night I went on the offense against grackles.


Texas Standard | The War Against Grackles


When you're from West Texas, you have very different ideas about exotic animals and when to call the police.

Texas Standard | That Time I Thought a Neighborhood Possum Was a Zoo Fugitive


Growing up, I used to hate being called a young lady. But that was a long, long time ago.


Texas Standard | Don't Call Me 'Young Lady'



You know how not to die? Just start hopping every day. I swear, I heard it somewhere.

Texas Standard | The Audacity of Hops: A Commentary on Being in Good Health at a Certain Age



Oh, sure. I knew age messed with metabolisms, waistlines, and skin tone. But did have to wipe my fingers clean?


Texas Standard | My Fingers Are Not On This Commentary



When autumn comes to Texas, it may only last a day. Get over it.

KUT 90.5 | Why I Won't Fall for Fall Weather In Texas This Year

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