“Do you have any logo/branding already established?” my website expert asked me.


That’s the kind of question I always dread. I’m pretty sure I morphed from being a lawyer into a writer so I wouldn’t have to narrowly define myself. (Either that, or because I have always been attracted to low-paying work.)


Over the years – well, decades, if you want to get fussy – I’ve written columns, features, and op-eds for magazines and newspapers. I’ve also written five novels (two adult, three young-adult), a book about aging, a collection of newspaper columns, and two humor books. I’ve blogged and aired public radio commentaries.


I’ve written about everything from autumn in Texas (which may only last one day) to marriage and children, from politics to death, from cancer to wrinkles. I’m a feminist, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a believer in science and good journalism, and a Texan – sometimes in spite of myself.


You see? I’m still thinking that won’t fit on a logo.

Bonus. Snappy Quotes.

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